Jerry W. Hamilton      

Set Me Free - Jerry W. Hamilton

2nd Edition

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"Set Me Free" UP DATE 2nd Edition 2011

In loving Memory of
Jerry W. Hamilton
10/25/1952 - 2/1/2014

Always missed - Never Forgotten
In our Hearts forever

Photo's from Jerry's Life


*** The Final Chapters ***
UPDATE 9th April 2013
It is a fact that on March 27, 2013 after spending 33 years in maximum security Jerry W. Hamilton has finally been transferred to medium security and is now at Oklahoma State Reformatory :-) The single best news in over 3 decades!!!
UPDATE 13th January 2013
POSITIVE News for Jerry !!!
"A Letter of Recommendation" from Jerry's case manager of 5 years
UPDATE 4th September 2012
LETTER from Administrator Greg Williams of the ODOC
and Letter of REPLY by Sharon Hamilton

UPDATE 17th June 2012

Please will you make sure the Governor reads my letter and this email. Handcuffed behind his back Jerry was not given a direct order so how could he refuse it? He did not make an aggressive move. Jerry was pushed face down onto a table. He was struck with several blows to his knees. He was wearing just a pair of shorts and shower shoes. He did not fight back or respond in an aggressive way. The security major made a point of telling him this was the only reason they did not use mace. This whole incident was recorded so can be verified. Jerry will be 60 in October. This is his 33rd consecutive year in maximum security. James Brown, former parole board member confirmed that Jerry had been lost in the system. If given the years of earned credits he should have received he could have discharged this final sentence twice over. He has never caused actual physical harm at any time to anyone.

Thank you for listening.

Sharon Hamilton                                       


UPDATE 20th MAY 2012 Letter to Warden Tim Wilkinson 

Retaliation! Retaliation! Retaliation!

Riot! Riot! Riot! Riot!

Cover Up! Cover Up! Cover Up!

Confusion! Confusion! Levels and Earned Credits

Watch the  REAL story of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary RIOT in 1985  (on YouTube) or Read the book (see top of page for link), but first hear the amazing eye-witness account, by two prison officers of how the riot could and should have been prevented by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. February 2011

OR you can read the transcript HERE of the Real story of the1985 Oklahoma State Penitentiary Riot.

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