Jerry W. Hamilton      

In loving Memory of
Jerry W. Hamilton
10/25/1952 - 2/1/2014
Always missed - Never Forgotten
In our Hearts forever
Some Photo's from Jerry's Life

One year old Jerry W. Hamilton

Hamilton Kids

Jerry said he wished he still had that bike
as it would have been an antique by now
**Taken around 1952 or 53

**Larry, Jerry, Charles & Pamela taken around 1953-54 California

6 years old Jerry Hamilton

16 years old Jerry
**Jerry Hamilton age 6? Taken in Oklahoma 16 years old
Jerry W. Hamilton 1972 - Mug Shot Jerry W. Hamilton 1979 - Mug Shot
Jerry W. Hamilton 1972 Jerry W. Hamilton 1979
Jerry W. Hamilton (girl in back ground died in house fire years later Jerry W. Hamilton
**This is me at 22, there in the state of Oklahoma "Where I was born & raised"This picture of me the last time out in free world. Were in a motel room, the girl behind me is Vicki. She died in a house fire, she was real good people. This was taken in 1975 the last time I was free anytime at all.
Group shot in String Town (I think) Jerry back in Oklahoma
String Town Jack Roth & Jerry
**September 17, 2003. Hell partner I forgot how to smile :-) See I told ya I looked stupid and ugly as shit _But here you go Jerry at 50
Jerry in a bar
Jerry & Jack 1979

**Can't you recognize me? I'm in the full beard lookin' stuputid ha. I I haven't seen these pictures in years. Kinda weird looking at my self - back in that other life, the maniac years. To be truthful Belinda I'm glad I was strong enough to survive all the madness and put it behind me. Maybe now my hopes and dreams of a normal life & happiness will happen. Who knows, you live, you die, you hope.....

All those other guys are some of my old runnin partners. Haven't seen or heard from them since 75. Another lifetime ago... we move on

Jerry - Cell No. 9 With me in it!!!!
**Jack Roth, Jerry 1979 Stringtown (and with a little computer magic I sat my self beside Jerry in this snap shot)
35 years old
Back in Oklahoma This is the first photo I had ever seen of Jerry and was the only one I had for long time.
**Bindy here's a copy of a copy that I got from Di. I have no up-to-date pictures - but believe me I look like an old man :-( I guess 47 is old. Anyway this picture was taken in 1985 there in the Oklahoma State Prison in 1985. I'm the guy in the blue shirt.
love Jerry's head band
Mountain Red, Jerry & Buddy Down
Rug Haed Red, Jerry Ding Bat Bolan
Jerry - passed out!!!
Texas Cell
Oklahoma Cell

Well that is all I have on my computer to show you all
I hope I got the information right
Please help me out if I haven't
I will see what other hard copies I have to share

love Bindy ox

**Information in Jerry's own words written on photos